1985 Same Tractor For Sale

  • 60 hp Deutz diesel engine
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Power steering
  • Category II 3-point with rear hydraulics.
    (top link pins are 1 inch in diameter - lift arm pins are 1 and 1/8 inch in diameter)
  • Original factory Operating Guide, Service and Parts manuals
    (parts readily available from several dealers)
  • Price includes 6' King Kutter field mower
    and G&G Fine Cultivator (see below).

Asking price: $13,500.


John Charleston

Heavy profile and tractor weight provides stability for large loader bucket
Loader assemble is easily removed with 2 quick-pins and hydraulic releases
New drivers seat and easy access
Powerful Catagory II 3-point provides huge lifting and pulling capacity
Custom 'A-frame' for lifting large trees - works great!


This tractor is a work horse! With 60hp, 4 wheel drive and it's low profile, it is perfect for doing ‘heavy’ grunt pulling and lifting. The extra large bucket and custom built body frame make cleaning up stockades or heavy snow a breeze.

  • Large, easy to remove, loader bucket.
  • Tractor frame engineered and built by Industrial Welding of Spokane.
  • New rear tires / front tires in great shape (all tires filled with calcium chloride for traction).
  • New, heavy dity, ice / mud tire chains (all 4 wheels)
  • New driver seat
  • All filters and fittings checked and replaced
  • Custom built 3-point ‘A-Frame’ used to lift large trees and drag to cutting areas.
  • New tail lights and rear spot light included (not installed).

This tractor has been a real worker on our 40 acres. We have used it to clear trees and for heavy snow removal.

Operating Guide, Service and Parts Manuals

The price includes two additional pieces of equipment:

King Kutter Field Mower

This is a brand new (never used) 6’ King Kutter field mower (http://www.kingkutter.com). The mower has been fitted to the tractor, all fittings are greased and fluids installed. The mower functions perfectly and works great – it has never been put into use. If you do not need the mower I will reduce the price.

G&G Fine Soil Cultivator

This is a very unique piece of equipment. The front of the assembly is a cultivator that is hydraulicly controled. Once the ground passes through the cultivator it is pummeled by a reverse spinning round blade powered by the tractor's PTO impeller shaft, which breaks up remaining clods into fine soil. the height of the round blade is also controled by hydraulics. This is a perfect cultivator for use in orchards and field preparation to keep the ground weed clear. The equipment needs hydrualic hoses replaced, one of the smaller hydraulic cylinders, and perhaps the others too.